Guess I’ll steal from my Twitter bio for now…

Writing, books, health, DIY and Home, Food, Technology, parenting, chronic illness, audiobook addiction, and other things shiny
The stats may look rough. New account. *shrugs*

About me:

“No one will ever know anyone. We just have to deal with each other.” — Bret Easton Ellis.

Kidding. Well, that’s not my “final answer”, anyway.

I am a perpetual student and mother of one son and a furry daughter. Sister/auntie/daughter/fiancee–WOMAN–trying to navigate the world to the best of my spoonie ability, while increasing those abilities.

Life is for growing.

My favorite things (and what you’ll find here most) are books, audiobooks, writing, science, health/wellness and medicine–particularly alternative/natural, yoga, dogs, comedy, cooking, research, DIYs, productivity, efficiency, and creating bizarre things–intentionally or not.

I hope this blog will inform, entertain, and inspire you!

Message me if you’re looking for or would like to see a guide or review.

I love hearing from you.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Heather!
    I don’t know what your experience or credentials are in regards to mental health, but maybe you should look at the new collaborative project Dee Kelly started and see if you could be a contributor (if you even have time to), it’s called Best Life Collaborative. Check it out!

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