Reprioritizing – Mind’s Melting Monday

Since last week’s MMM on Crafty Ways to Reduce Household Waste, I’ve started a couple all-natural cleaners, sorted clothes to gift, donate, and repurpose, and have tried–with the help of my fiance–to keep up with the house.

Slowly studying all things blog/website since I’ll be launching soon.

There’s a lot to learn because I don’t want to rely on plugins and paid yada yada. Maybe it’s being cheap, maybe it’s the love of making something from scratch, who knows?

I’m taking Coursera classes on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Photography, Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain, and reading or watching videos on SEO, design, insomnia, and anything else that comes up.

I joined the Best Life Collaborative team right before my brain went extra batty and have been working with that great group of people and learning plenty from them. Check it out.

Though the scramble is getting closer to “normal”, it now feels like I’ve got a mild flu. It’s probably from shit sleep for weeks (who stays awake for 30 plus hours then sleeps 4-6 hours for days on end?) and stress.

When you’ve got chronic illnesses, stressors can be anything from skipping breakfast, sleeping wrong, and overdoing it, to divorce or loss of a loved one. Of those, I’ve got too many right now. Most of us probably do.

Some life events have the impact of a head-on collision with a freight train. They hurt down to the bone or, if you’ve got a whacked-out nervous system, your musculoskeletal system as a whole. Maybe your GI tract. Who’s to say what happens to emotional stability.

One of those things is happening and I was already struggling. It’s taking more energy than I’ve got to process.

There’s not been a whole lot of progress here lately from juggling so much. I’m overwhelmed and a bit worried about slipping back under with fibromyalgia and depression so it’s time to slow down, step back, and decide what needs the most focus.

Right now it feels like that means spending more time with loved ones, outside, and meditating, trying to figure out sleep and–as I feel better–clearing up the house and setting up the site (which would make posting SO much easier) even if it’s not exactly how I want it. Then I can work on the other stuff.

I keep making plans with my (imaginarily) healthy mind/body and trying to live them out in this not-so-great state and life keeps happening.

I’ve made tiny bits of progress lately and will settle for that. As a matter of fact, I’ll be good with just keeping up.

The response to last week’s MMM won’t be published until I’m more caught up and have a few things off my plate. The series format makes it a big, input-reliant task and I need to work on other things before I can dedicate enough time to it. It may require more than one week between posts. Is it okay to have an every-other-Monday feature? I don’t want to drop the ball but my goals need to be adaptable.

I thought last week’s question would be quick and easy but haven’t gotten as many responses as I’d hoped for yet. Twitter‘s been surprisingly quiet on the topic (too broad, maybe?), and a couple FB groups had plenty to say but now I’ve got a list of books and movies to research without quite enough repeat answers to focus on.

If you haven’t answered yet, which fictional settings would you like to visit or retire to?

Movies, films, and TV series allowed. Choose as many as you’d like.

SPOILER – Hogwarts and The Shire are close for first picks. If you’d choose either, please give a second answer!

So, what are you working on this week? What are you trying to accomplish and learn? What’s in your way?


20 thoughts on “Reprioritizing – Mind’s Melting Monday

    1. I was kind of focused… I just keep counting on resources I no longer have and end up over my head and horrible sh*t happening throws a wrench in things too.

      Some of it’s not knowing (or underestimating) how long things take. The way I’d like to do MMM takes a lot of time and, while I love having a constant deadline, it’s just too big of a project the way I have it set for now.

      I’m in no rush with most of the Coursera classes since you can skip modules and restart or reset deadlines. The focus is on web design, I just watch or listen to the others when I’d normally be playing an audiobook.

      What subjects or courses would you take?

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      1. I’m thinking maybe website design, marketing, and starting an online business. But I suppose before I start taking courses I should have a clearer idea of what I want the end outcome to be, and I’m still fuzzy on that.

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      2. That’s hard. I’ve got some big dreamy (but hopefully-achievable goals) and a lot of interests to pursue. Working toward a few possible outcomes because you never know what might happen.

        Like now I’m almost more interested in web design than blogging despite the itch to sit and write.

        (Doesn’t help there’s too much on my mind and every post I put here now adds more work to moving.)

        I’ve changed my standards for the launch though so really, hopefully soon. Then tidying things up can take the back seat a bit. 😊

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  1. I’d like to learn some on html and css. I know it’s possible with screen readers, but i don’t think i have the right focus for that…. you know, i think we could work out that exchange thing. I write for you, you do the other things for me 🙂 or, you can teach me the html and css thing.

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    1. I can try to help and/or teach you! I’m looking for ways to make all of my coding, writing, graphics, and SM posts as screen-reader friendly as possible. Do you know any tricks? I know #HashtagsShouldBeWrittenWithCaps and you can add alt text to images on WP and Twitter, but that’s it.

      What sort of problems do you run into online?

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