🎉Books, Vertigo and Tea Turns 2!🎉

Congratulations, Danielle! Your blog is one of my very favorites. 💛

Books, Vertigo and Tea

It was officially 2 years ago (this week) that I registered with WordPress and began my journey as a blogger. I still feel incredibly new, but also incredibly welcomed in this wonderful community that has become a second home. To celebrate I want to share a few reasons why I love it all, my most popular posts to date, and a small giveaway!


💃Top 5 Reasons I Love Blogging💃

  1. The community is incredibly supportive and close for how larger and ever-growing it is ❤ This is constantly demonstrated through the eagerness of fellow bloggers and readers to help one another, their willingness to welcome new faces, and their ability to establish friendships that carry offline.
  2. This is my home away from home. When life is becoming too frustrating, or personal challenges feel overwhelming, I can always log in and find an escape and support.
  3. I learn something new about myself…

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18 thoughts on “🎉Books, Vertigo and Tea Turns 2!🎉

      1. Getting better! I’ve had a lot of physical bs happening and it hasn’t been fun but I’m coming out of it. I’ve been meaning to write about it a bit since I’ve been practically non-existent here but haven’t yet.

        How are you and yours?

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      2. I am ok, well l am positive in the very least. Writing like it’s going out of fashion. Can relate to the physical side of things have a problem that is fast becoming a major issue, but otherwise well 🙂

        Glad though Heather you are slowing coming into the mend though 🙂

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      3. Thank you. I’m learning a lot and that’s helping me get better.

        I’m sorry you’ve got something becoming a major issue! What’s going on? Is it on your blog or too personal? No pressure, but I do have a bit of a medical background and, otherwise, research the heck out of things.

        I’m glad you’re writing so much though and I will get to reading too!

        I’m thinking of writing and posting more health-related articles and blog posts but not sure if I want to do it here or on another blog. Some of the stuff I have in mind is pretty specific to health conditions and medications/alternatives. I don’t think a lot of my current followers would be interested.

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