🎉Books, Vertigo and Tea Turns 2!🎉

Congratulations, Danielle! Your blog is one of my very favorites. 💛


18 thoughts on “🎉Books, Vertigo and Tea Turns 2!🎉

      1. Getting better! I’ve had a lot of physical bs happening and it hasn’t been fun but I’m coming out of it. I’ve been meaning to write about it a bit since I’ve been practically non-existent here but haven’t yet.

        How are you and yours?

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      2. I am ok, well l am positive in the very least. Writing like it’s going out of fashion. Can relate to the physical side of things have a problem that is fast becoming a major issue, but otherwise well 🙂

        Glad though Heather you are slowing coming into the mend though 🙂

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      3. Thank you. I’m learning a lot and that’s helping me get better.

        I’m sorry you’ve got something becoming a major issue! What’s going on? Is it on your blog or too personal? No pressure, but I do have a bit of a medical background and, otherwise, research the heck out of things.

        I’m glad you’re writing so much though and I will get to reading too!

        I’m thinking of writing and posting more health-related articles and blog posts but not sure if I want to do it here or on another blog. Some of the stuff I have in mind is pretty specific to health conditions and medications/alternatives. I don’t think a lot of my current followers would be interested.

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