Heir of Ashes by Jina S. Bazzar

Today is the publication day for Heir of Ashes and The Curse!

Author’s Description

Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life at the age of twelve. Cool, popular, pretty, smart. Her dreams of a perfect, successful and prosperous future seemed well within her grasp. By the time she was twenty-two she had become a commodity. A fugitive. She was being hunted. As Roxanne embarks on the dangerous quest to search for half-truths about her past, she discovers she’s not just an abnormal human, but a rarity even among her Fee peers. She is hunted by scientists, keen to exploit her extraordinary abilities, as well as other beings far more dangerous whose plans for her she cannot fathom.

Author: Jina S. Bazzar

Publication date: April 15, 2018

Size: 131,192 words – approximately 524 standard pages

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Action & Adventure

~My Review~

Roxanne Foush is a very feisty, untrusting woman and for good reason. She doesn’t know who or what she is and has been tortured most of her life.

Once she gains her freedom, she’s got to fight like hell to keep it. Unfortunately, she has no one she can trust, or does she? It’s hard to say who is friend or foe until it’s too late in this tale.

I love the build up in the story and how things don’t start falling into place too quickly, we’re already on the run with this girl before we know who she’s running from and why.

The author does an excellent job of putting us inside Roxanne’s cynical, yet (sometimes) hopeful mind throughout the story. She also does an excellent job making some pretty horrific monsters, human and otherwise, and does an excellent job with world building and describing things in such a way that the reader feels very present.

It’s beautifully written (especially considering English is not the author’s native language!) yet easy to read!

I did feel like I wanted more development from some of the characters and relationships—though Roxanne isn’t really capable of “normal” relationships—but this is only the first book of three (or possibly four) so there’s plenty of room for that.

Some of the dialogue could have been a bit more tailored to each character, but as a brand-new author, one can hardly knock Jina for that. The dialogue is still cutting, direct, and quite realistic. (As far as dialogue should be, anyway!)

Given that this is the debut novel and the first in the series, I think it deserves a full 5 stars.

Absolutely looking forward to the next book in the series, Heir of Doom, where Roxanne is expected to really develop her abilities! I think she may have a chance to build some real relationships too.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Available now on Amazon and Smashwords.

Cover - The Curse

Author’s Description

Yoncey Fosch, the leader of the Unseelie Dhiultadh clan would give anything to save his brother from a mysterious plague. Anything, including his leadership mantle and a favor to his deadliest enemy, Queen Titania’s consort.

But his actions will have far reaching consequences, and Fosch realizes he is not only unwilling to pay the price, but will defy anyone who calls him on it.

Author: Jina S. Bazzar

Publication date: April 15, 2018

Size : 15,721 words – approximately 63 standard pages

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance

Review to come!

I made the mistake of reading this before Heir of Ashes and feel like I need to read it again now to leave a decent review.

I highly recommend reading this after Book 1.

Available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Jina was born and raised in Brazil, where she had a joyful and fulfilling childhood. Soon after she graduated from high school, she was diagnosed with a chronic disease that caused gradual vision loss. She became blind at the age of twenty-three. She has since lived in the United States and Brazil, though currently resides in the middle- east.
Like most authors, Jina had always been an avid reader, a fan of the fantastic, but was denied the joy of books when she became blind. Once she discovered screen readers, she picked up the habit of reading again, but discovered that reading was no longer enough, so she started writing her own book.
When she’s not writing in the Roxanne Fosch series or her blog, she’s writing articles for Conscious talk Magazine, where she works as a columnist.
Aside from the written word, Jina loves to spend time in the kitchen, cooking and baking for her three kids and anyone who happens by.

Congratulations, Jina!

For more about Jina, her releases, and works in progress, you can find her blog here.

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