Where I’ve Been and Valentine’s Day Wishlist Update

I have not organized my goals and ambitions into a manageable thing yet…

It’s on my to-do list though… If you’re any good at that, I’m still looking for help on how to organize that. Show me what you do!

Yes, I have “make a better to-do list” on my to-do list. This is who I am.

My calendar is so off, I started to celebrate my birthday Saturday, when it really wasn’t until Sunday. 😂 Disorganized or dementia? We’ll find out soon enough, I suppose!

In the meantime, I have been working on a few projects, reading as much as possible (which hasn’t been enough for what I’ve set as goals), writing a tiny bit, and health issues from blood pressure crashes to joint pain to brain scramble and insomnia…

“Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”

I’ve been a bit miserable and it’s not helping my productivity. Serious headaches and nausea for several days where I could barely glance at a screen (the joys of traumatic brain injuries…) but maybe things are looking up. My blood pressure is anyway, so that’s a pretty big deal! I’ve been crashing, passing out and having close calls for months. Then, signs and symptoms of heart failure. Why? Medication side effects. Fun fun! Now I need to confront the issue I was on that medication for.

If you’ve got tips on Restless Leg Syndrome, I’m willing to use blood magic at this point, please send them my way!

It huuuuuurts!

Taking iron supplements is awful on my guts and that means it’s awful on my joints, but I’m doing that, and using oral and topical magnesium. I have patellar chondromalacia in both knees so I can’t “walk it off” and kicking in my sleep is killing me…

Okay. Done whining for now. Thanks for listening! Seriously.

Projects – if I haven’t taken too long and gotten myself kicked off the project, I’m proofreading a book for a small press. I need to send out an email but I’m afraid they may have written me off, which they probably wouldn’t IF I EMAILED THEM!

I published my second story for 12 Short Stories and am absolutely determined to give myself for time for editing. This is the second month I’ve done a second-rate job because I didn’t have the inspiration or time to start early. NEVER AGAIN, dammit! (It really wasn’t good…)

My most proud accomplishment of late has been helping Jina S. Bazzar with some formatting for… drumroll please… her novel, Heir of Ashes that is ready for preorder! More about that on my next post!

As far as my other goal, I have been using Insight Timer for meditation just about twice daily as I’d hoped. Thank you, Mexi Minnesota for the recommendation!

I’m still looking for an easy “offline” technique that I can use to calm my nervous system, clear my head, and deal with pain issues. If you’ve got a simple technique (or an advanced one that I can practice until it becomes second nature) I’d love to hear it. Post here or find more ways to contact me on the original post about this!

Hope you all are doing well!

In other news, it is now my lovely sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kari, my sweet, gorgeous protege. I love you SO much!

24 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been and Valentine’s Day Wishlist Update

  1. oh, Heather, i wish i could take on a magic potion and send it to you. or just some herbal mix. my mom would tell you to drink cammomile tea, it’s soothing on the nerves, the stomach and helps you sleep.

    and you did a wonderful job with my book. i haven’t heard a bad thing about it. thank you, thank you, thank you – let me know if i start annoying you.

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    1. Thanks, love. I’d love a magic potion but kind thoughts help too! I might have some chamomile around here somewhere. I’ll give it a shot. Marshmallow root tea helps (even though it tastes terrible) and I found a new form of iron today that will hopefully be a bit nicer to me.

      You’re very welcome for the help and you’ll never annoy me. You’re far too sweet.

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      1. marshmallow root? my kids would probably love that just for the name – no matter how it tastes.
        or maybe they’ll stop liking marshmallows. who knows?
        take the cammomile tea twice a day for a couple weeks. see if it works.
        and thank you.

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      2. Hi Heather. Sorry you’re feeling so lousy. I was recently prescribed Ropinirole for RLS, but it made me POUR sweat a few hours after. I’m not much of a sweater, so it was an odd side-effect for me.

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      3. I had sinus congestion so bad it kept me up on that stuff – I didn’t even realize it was from the medication for a while because it seemed so random. Then tried Mirapex, same thing but eventually adjusted, then after increasing the dose I started having the bp issues and finally started getting short of breath with swollen, purple legs. Scary stuff.

        Do you use anything now?


      4. Sorry, I somehow missed this.
        No, I’m not using anything now for the RLS, but I just ordered a leg pillow because I think most of my leg cramps/restlessness are coming from my hip/back problems. Hopefully it helps some. Have you found anything else yet?

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      5. Trying a new medication but I’m not even at a therapeutic dose and my bp is down again. I hope the iron in taking starts helping soon! Epsom salt rub helps but it doesn’t last very long.

        Mine seems to be worse when my back/pelvis are flared up too. I hope the new pillow helps you!


  2. Yes, wish I could help too …. Can you go back to the doctor and talk through all the medications and see if there might be some alternatives?? I also love yoga as it really seems to calm me and stretch out all those muscles that become so tense and rigid. Might be worth a try? Ask the doctor first though with anything ….. x

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    1. Well, I’ve failed on all the types of medication they “like” to use for RLS and am now trying the one that’s got the highest likelihood of side effects. 😕

      Part of the problem is I’ve had vertigo, blood pressure, and knee problems basically keeping me in bed, so I haven’t been able to do much aside from small exercises and stretches here and there.

      I may need to see some kind of specialist. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the new iron and magnesium supplements I’m trying will get to the root of this and I won’t have to worry about medications or side effects.

      I can’t wait to get back to doing yoga! I’m not sure which needs it more right now, my body or my sanity! 😂

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  3. 1. Happy Birthday to your little sister.
    2. Happy Belated Birthday to you (celebrate it the whole month)!
    3. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with so many issues.
    4. The chamomile tea suggested above is worth a try. Have you tried aromatherapy?
    Sending good vibes and hoping that the new supplements will be better for you.

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  4. So I love that you have a “make a better to do list” on your to do list. I live by my to do lists – I seriously would be lost without them and forget absolutely everything. I even have a Note in the Note Cellphone app that is connected to my boyfriend so we know what is on our shared to do list. I update it so much and he gets all of the updates 😂. I think he secretly likes it though.
    I am so sorry that you are going through all of these symptoms and then the medication side effects are exacerbating them. If you find a magical elixir or even relief for restless legs, I will give you one of my legs 😂, my blood, my M&M candy (which is a big deal) and practically anything to make the madness stop!
    I loved reading about your job formatting. It seems like a blessing to have some form of work through all this. I know we hear this a lot and I still MAJORLY STRUGGLE with this – but all we can do is our best with deadlines honestly. I am so super hard on myself and I dislike when people get mad at me because obviously I’m falling behind or my demeanor changes because I am in so much pain that it seems I hate my job. True story. My condition has led to many strained relationships with bosses and I even have lost a few friends in just the past few months.
    I’m going to step away from the tea at my own pity party. I know we are dealing with different irritating symptoms, but you are not alone ❤️.

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    1. I’m still working on that to-do list, over a month later.

      I’m living on sticky notes, a weekly planner, two notebooks, screenshots, and more sticky notes. I opened a calendar in Excel, to put my big deadlines together, but that’s as far as I got because I need to go through everything else to find my dates. 😂

      As far as the formatting and proofreading, I’m just helping out, unless I can keep this gig with the press (I still haven’t emailed them… I finished the manuscript yesterday but need to double check my corrections and then spend an hour deciding how to email them) but that doesn’t pay much at all. At this pace it will only cover the software I need to do it, but it’s good experience and I enjoy doing it. If I get good enough, and can handle what that type of reading is without aggravating my head injury, I could make decent money doing it someday. The second part of that is a pretty big “if”. But I also get to read unpublished books!

      For RLS, get a full iron panel checked and, I don’t care WHAT your doctor tells you, if your numbers are off or your ferritin is below 50, take supplements. I found some really interesting studies on iron and RLS and I’ll send them to you as soon as I find them. The reference range for iron is basically based on if you’re low enough for anemia, for one thing, and the levels in your brain are lower than that in your blood. Low iron is the biggest known cause of RLS and most docs are under treating it.

      I could rant about this for days–it was the last straw with my last doc and the new one still doesn’t seem to “get it” but is definitely in favor of supplementing.

      I never made it to being the nurse practitioner or doc that I wanted to be so you have to research this and make your own call but SERIOUSLY… Look it up. It also takes months for levels to increase. (Isn’t that fun?)

      Also, have you tried Epsom salt rub? You can find it almost anywhere now, right with the salts. It doesn’t last terribly long for RLS but it’s the only topical thing I’ve found that helps with fibro pain too. Highly recommend it!

      It’s not an easy life like this. Hopefully one day they’ll figure it all out but until then it’s a damn lot of trial and error. It’s so nice having the support though and friends with similar conditions can cut down on the costs and time of both trials and errors!

      Btw, coffeenut M&Ms are my favorite but they probably don’t help with inflammation!


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