Be My Valentine?

Okay, to be fair, I have a boyfriend and romance isn’t what I’m looking for… but I would really like some help.

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and just the typical need for self care), I’ve set two seemingly-minor goals that I anticipate will have a big impact on my daily life and wellbeing and I’m hoping you all will help me get and stay on track!

  • Twice daily meditation
  • Using a planner to keep track of projects, reviews, writing goals (and to keep myself from overdoing it with obligations!)

Here’s where I need your help:

Meditation / Relaxation

I’ve never been good at seated meditation. Prior to a few spinal injuries (and even, at times, between) I’ve used ashtanga yoga as meditation. Now I’ve got injuries, vertigo, and fibromyalgia that are quite limiting to what I’m physically capable of, which is also why I need this more than ever!

What works for you? Do any of you have favorite guided meditations, apps, books, or relaxation techniques you’d be willing to share?

I’m looking for a good set of options so I have a few to choose from. General relaxation and clarity would be fantastic. Pain management and desensitization would be exquisite as well. I’ll need a combo of these. As I’ve mentioned before, I have fibromyalgia and the thing feeds itself with tension. I’m trying to unravel some knots. Also, I think anyone could benefit from regular meditation.

Planning / Charting

Maybe I need some kind of bullet journal… This is what I want to keep track of, at a minimum. (I also don’t want this to take up half my day so the simpler the better!)

  1. When I receive books for reviewing, proofreading, or just start reading for fun and when I’m expected to finish them – and track of my progress.
  2. Writing goals and deadlines written out clearly where I see them and can check them off as I go. Some goals are daily exercises (like #vss365 or 10+ minutes with a prompt), while I have monthly deadlines for 12 Short Stories, and various projects in between. (Like, umm… blog posts, for instance? 😉)
  3. Health stuff… Tracking sleep, meditation practices, medication changes, physical therapy, exercise, etc.

So, my organized friends (or those of you with Pinterest boards full of ideas), what are your suggestions?

You can comment on this post with links or whatever or message me here, find me on Pinterest, or Twitter.

I’ll be compiling interesting/favorite ideas, suggestions, blog posts, links, etc. into upcoming posts to share with all of you.

If you want to join me in my mission to be a healthier, more productive person, please do! I’d love some some buddies in this – even if our goals are only slightly similar!

Thanks so much!



15 thoughts on “Be My Valentine?

  1. My favorite meditation App is Insight Timer. There are many, many guided meditations of everything length, or timers if you prefer a silent practice now and then. I have been using it for about a year and a half, and it really helps me track and know my milestones.

    In terms of organization, I am struggling a bit with that as well. I have a weekly/monthly planner from “Boss Lady Planner” on Amazon that is helpful for tracking daily habits, but is slim enough that I can take it everywhere. It’s not so good about daily task lists, but does help me keep larger goals in mind (weekly/monthly seems to keep our eyes on the prize, where daily can get us caught up in just he minutiae).

    Best of luck!

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    1. Wow! There are SO many things I like about this app already! I love the map that pops up right away showing how many users are meditating right now, and the groups and the trackers… I may not look much farther than this when it comes to apps!

      Do you know if you can add times in after a practice? (No worries if you’re not sure!)

      Thanks so much!

      I’ll have to look into the Boss Lady Planner. I’ve got a small calendar/planner that’s great for appointments but is definitely not going to fit all the daily stuff I’d like to track and be able to see a big picture of. Is that what you meant about yours too?

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      1. Yes, you can add times later on Insight Timer! I like to log my classes or sometimes meditations I do with a group that meets at work after the fact. It is easy to do.

        I haven’t totally figured out the planner thing, I am still experimenting. Since I use an Outlook calendar for work appointments, it can be complicated to have too many different calendars. I think it comes down to experimenting to figure out what works best for you. 🙂

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      2. That’s wonderful! Insight Timer rocks!

        I’m likely going to end up with a multi-calendar system… just figuring out the clearest way possible is my goal. I don’t mind if it’s a bit of a creative endeavor (like bullet journaling) but my goal isn’t to need much time or effort for it either. I think I’m going to see what kind of bullet journals are out there and what kind of related schedule/trackers I can find with Excel or similar programs and combine aspects the two.

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  2. Great idea!

    For meditation, I have an app (there are a lot of them) for a guided meditation it only takes 7-10 ins, and I just listen to it (not always) when I’m in bed and ready to sleep. It’s very relaxing.

    For getting organized, I put all the big deadlines on a wall or desk calendar, where I can see them all the time. For the detailed stuff, I keep a day planner in my purse. You can also use excel sheets or calendars. But for me, paper works best. You might want to use project manager apps like Asana or Trello, to keep track of writing deadlines and projects. Asana does wonders for me at work.

    Good luck 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!

      Which app do you use for meditation? I thought HeadSpace was okay but I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription if I can get away with even a single pay app.

      I’ll have to check out Asana and Trello, even if I use them as inspiration for what to put on paper. I love that too.

      For some of the daily stuff, maybe I can make and print a monthly Excel sheet and just check off or fill in boxes. There’s too much to write in a normal daily planner or even to rewrite every day…

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      1. Once you start getting organized you will learn as you go and everything will fall into place. Check Youtube for helpful videos and also meditation guides.

        I use Simply Being app. Its about $1.50 in app store.

        Best of luck!

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  3. I see some great recommendations in the comments above. I like to keep things simple. I lay down on a mat with spikes (helps my back) and put on some soft music (random youtube searches). As far as the bulletin journals are concerned, I just compose my own depending on the need. I draw a table, or a chart, or whatever. Hope you achieve your goals.

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    1. Spikes?!?!
      I had been using guided meditations on YouTube but I’m finding music and soft sounds work better.

      I’ve been looking at a lot of bujos on Instagram and Pinterest, trying to find inspiration for how I want to do a layout. Not quite there yet.

      Thank you!

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  4. Ha I think we already talked about this… planners are great. Computer apps like the reminders on Mac (and I think windows has a similar one) can be good to kind of make you do certain things…there are some programs that cut off your access to say the internet for a little bit of time. Headspace is my favorite meditation app. I have a dry erase magnetic calendar on my fridge too so I can put bigger things on it for certain days/days they are REALLY due by. It’s fun. Black board with colored markers. Pacifica and Moodfit are good for tracking sleep and whatnot

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    1. I like headspace and don’t mind paying for apps but I don’t want to do any subscriptions. I really like Insight Timer so far.

      As far as planning and tracking, I have everything all over and I lose track of things that way. I want to get it all in one spot. I could do a lot on my phone or tablet but I *will* open this bullet journal one day, and then I will write in it! 😂

      Hopefully, once I have everything in one place, I won’t lose that. This just occurred to me as a possibility and made my heart spasm the wrong way.

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