Night Reading and Writing Finds – Today’s Venture

I left the house today which is rare lately.
After two hours of sh*t sleep, I went to the pain clinic this morning for steroid injections in my neck. They went better than usual and hopefully help with vertigo and headaches.
On the way home we stopped at Dollar Tree in search of a book lamp for the Kindle Touch I was gifted a few days ago. I found a clip light and it’s okay, nothing really fancy, and probably won’t work for very long, but that was just the beginning of the reading and writing supplies I came home with:
♠ A five pack of sticky notes different colors – okay, two are yellow but I’m cool with it.

Sticky notes colored mobile
(I love sticky notes… Doesn’t everyone love sticky notes?)

♠ Batteries for my night writing pen. I haven’t been able to you use it in close to 10 years because I didn’t have batteries for it and anytime I’ve been near tiny expensive batteries, I haven’t known exactly what size to get. For a dollar, I took the gamble.

night writer pen
(That’s right… It’s practically a sonic screwdriver!)

If you write in the dark, you need one of these. Seriously. They’re great for dream journalling too because they won’t wake you up too much.
♠ Then I found a small LED light to put at the head of the bed in case the book lamp doesn’t work. I write and try to read a lot at night and don’t want a bright lamp in my face or keeping my boyfriend awake. Bright lights are the devil.


♠ I also got a super, SUPER cheap (obviously, they cost a dollar) pair of headphones. I’ve got some decent earbuds with the microphone and whatever but I listen to binaural wave programs sometimes when I’m going to sleep and earbuds are not comfortable for that. I am a side sleeper and it feels awful to have something jamming into your ear. I mean, that kind of defeats the purpose of most binaural wave programs! So the cheapest, foam-covered, flat, crappy ones are actually the best thing that you can have if you are trying to sleep with headphones on.

Comfort is nice in general.

What more could you need? Kindle, headphones, book lamp, night light, night writer pen, sticky notes and a notebook.
$5 Holla!

* * *

After that, we stopped in town thinking it was Wednesday. The local coffee shop sells gluten-free goodies on Wednesdays and we constantly miss them because A) I don’t leave leave the house and B) it has a tendency to be Thursday when I think maybe I should send Mike to pick up some scones. We got to the coffee shop just before close (which is always too early) and found GF apple muffins and cinnamon rolls there. Said hello to the owner, Tammy, who is a long time family friend…
“Hey you, we finally made it in for gluten-free Wednesday!”
As Tammy pointed out today is not Wednesday. Also, the baked goods weren’t going to last much longer so she filled up a bag with what was left and offered free coffee since she was getting ready to dump it for the day anyway. Perfect! Free scones and coffee are the best.

Coffee cheers
Cheers! (via Pexels)


Even without sleep, I was feeling pretty good about life with the new Kindle lights and sweet treats I almost never have (joint pain gets worse whenever I eat any kind of sugary stuff, really, but gluten is much worse) and decided Hey, let’s go to the library. They’ve got The Handmaid’s Tale on audiobook and I want to listen to it. Maybe see if they’ve got a book on HTML I can pick up because I can’t seem to find mine and I know it’s all over the Internet but something in hand would be nice to highlight, flip through, or whatever.

This is where shit got crazy.

I borrowed two Stephen King audiobooks–From a Buick Eight and Celland Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck by Amy Alkon. I love Stephen King and haven’t read nearly enough of his work. The other book looked interesting a while back so I had it mentally queued until today. Note: I have a MOUNTAIN of paper and digital books to read but, due to eye problems and general feelingshittiness™, sometimes can only listen.

I don’t like running out of audiobooks.

Audiobooks, Stephen King, From a Buick 8, Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck by Amy Alkron

I was tired and still slightly sedated. I wanted to get to bed. (The last time I had injections, I was feeling no pain and wrote all day staring at the computer. The next day was Hell. So was the day after that, and the day after that… I’m pretty sure that’s why the injections didn’t “take”.)

I still wanted to find an HTML book and see if maybe they had any more books on grammar and proofreading and they’ve always got a library sale in the basement.
So “real quickly”, I went downstairs and found a whole stack of Stephen King books we didn’t have. I picked up a copy of Christine, Storm of the Century, From a Buick Eight (softcover, ours to keep) and Just After Sunset. Also found Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It followed me home out of some pop-culture/literary obligation.

Stephen King's Christine, Storm of the Century, From a Buick Eight, and Just After Sunset. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
Hello, darkness, my old friend… (Isn’t that a lovely sight though?)

In the editing/proofreading/writing/whatever department I got the Little Brown Compact Book by Jane Aaron, What’s the Rule? by Kathy Sole, Words to the Wise by Michael Sheehan (he’s a local author and this is actually autographed), The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook by Kriszner & Mandell, and a cute, little (seriously tiny) copy of The Elements of Style so I’m pretty excited about that.

Writing and grammar books, Elements of Style, Words to the Wise, Pocket Wadsworth Handbook
There’s always more to learn

OH! There’s another whole stack of books I nearly forgot!!!
Change Your Brain Change Your Body: A Daily Journal – I don’t have the original book that goes with us but it does help keep track of diet, activity, and the like which might be helpful for me dealing with chronic illness and figuring out what is working and not. Another book on Lyme disease, though this one is Healing Lyme Disease Coinfectionsa companion book to Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner and I didn’t pay $30 for it! I got A Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond. She’s pretty cool, I like a lot of her recipes but I don’t know… I may give it as a gift. I’m already a wicked cook. Haha. Finally, we got three books by Mantak Chia that are a combination of martial art and health books for Mikey and I both to read and enjoy.

Health and wellness books

We practically got a small library today. I try not to get super excited about stuff… I think a big part of it was just getting out of the house. (Which also means shopping, I guess.) The whole time we were out I was very careful, especially looking at books, not to put my neck into any awkward positions while it was numb and make tomorrow harder than it need be. The day after steroid injections tends to be pretty rough, the day after that even worse, and then it starts to get better.

(It was the drugs…)
What I didn’t realize was that I had fentanyl in my entire body from the sedation also numbing my knees the entire time I spent standing today. I haven’t been able to tolerate more than a few minutes at a time in months because of leg problems, but seemed to forget that, and by the time I got home they were pretty swollen. I’m not sure what tomorrow’s gonna look like. It might be a bit rough.
I’m still stoked about getting such a writing and reading setup for about 20 bucks.

I spent too long writing this and should have napped. All the pain medication has worn off and inflammation is kicking in. Time to chill and enjoy my little treasures!

Pilot's pen / night writing pen in action.
When the library calls, I think I’ll have Mikey go and just pick up The Handmaid’s Tale so I don’t come home with 40 new books again. Unless that happens to fall on another procedure day…

Are you a night writer or reader? What are your essentials?

7 thoughts on “Night Reading and Writing Finds – Today’s Venture

    1. I think someone gave me that a long time ago. I posted a link where you can find them on Amazon. They’re really awesome to have! I need to order cartridges now too.

      You can never have too many sticky notes or too much Stephen King. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great book haul!☺ I’m a huge book nerd with adult-onset ADD, so I usually read 5-7 books at a time. Not literally at the SAME time, of course, but toggle between them.
    I tend to mentally rewrite the words, & that leads to ideas for my own WIP…it’s this whole annoying thing, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!
      I think I might be reading that many books too – not including the books I’ve started and just forgotten about! I think one of my medications has ADD-like side effects but I’ve always had at least a couple books going, it seems.

      Liked by 1 person

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