Greetings, reader and welcome to the Lame Girl’s Guide to…

A site is designed to share knowledge and experience as it comes.


8 thoughts on “Welcome

      1. I wouldn’t say dull. I know some bloggers who do that.

        Some also mix their name with what their blog is about.

        Example: Lia lost in a story, Breeny’s Books, etc.

        Or, you can pick a completely different name for your blog. It is all about your preferences.

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      2. Yeah… I’ve been thinking and thinking but nothing has really popped out and I’d rather change it once and be happy with it than end up changing it over and over or just having a terrible blog name. I also haven’t really figured out the full scope of the blog so anything from “Heather’s words about words, ridiculous musings, or bull**** Heather says” is all that seems fitting so far. 😂😂

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